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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Ever so excited about blogging.  Met with the lovely ladies behind Edinburgh for Under Fives last night and there is so much happening I need to share it or I'll burst! Will reveal more over the coming weeks...

Edinburgh is buzzing with the festival and there has been loads on offer for under fives.  I've been totally spoilt for choice.  I've still got some shows to see before the festival comes to a close, starting with 'White' tomorrow - have heard it's very good.

Anyone recommend any not to be missed shows?

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  1. "Penguin" was an excellent show for me and my two-year-old. Unfortunately the times for "White" don't work for us but I've have heard it is good.
    Anyone noticed that lots of shows for little ones are on at times when you might expect them to be needing lunch / tea or a nap?